eTG Prototype Learning Experiences

LE2 Translating Information into Action: Information Transfer for DNA to Protein

Nature of a gene, transcription, translation, protein structure, mutations, relationship between changes in DNA sequence and changes in traits.

Students read about a scientist’s plan to use DNA as a way of sending secret messages; students decode the language of DNA, and model transcription and translation; students explain how information moves from DNA to proteins to traits, and analyze the impact of mutations on proteins and traits. Students use their understandings to explain Griffith’s classic experiment.

LE3 Of Proteins and Traits: The Molecular Basis of Traits

Relationships among DNA, protein, and traits; biochemical basis of traits; making genetically modified organisms.

Students read about genetically modified organisms and conduct an experiment in which they insert of new gene into bacteria, giving the bacteria a new trait; students learn how new traits are inserted into plants and then decide whether they would eat a potato with a gene from a different organism, using evidence to explain their decision.

LE4 Home on the Chromosome: The Structure and Function of Chromosomes

Chromosome structure, chromosomes as the genetic legacy, meiosis and gamete formation, recombination, the origins of trait variation, karyotypes.

Students assume the role of genetic counselors and analyze karyotypes for a couple expecting a baby; students build a model of a chromosome and then model gamete formation and meiosis; students explain how mistakes can occur during meiosis and the consequences of those mistakes.

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